Thermalate H330

Thermalate H330

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Our THERMALATE H330 grade high temperature insulation material offers a number of specific advantages over other insulation materials when being used in the market place for applications requiring high strength under compressive loading and giving peace of mind over more fragile materials. THERMALATE H330 is asbestos-free and have high heat resistance, operating at temperatures of up to 285°C. 

An efficient material, THERMALATE H330 saves and allows more precise temperature control and has a high compressive strength. It is tough and durable meaning it will not crack or break easily during mould setup or breakdown.

Benefits of using THERMALATE H330 are:

  • Asbestos Free.
  • Cost Effective
  • Low Thermal Conductivity/Energy 
  • Efficient: Saves and allows more precise temperature control.
  • Resists Oils and Fluids

Sheet sizes available are 2440mm x 1220mm with thickness ranging from 6mm to 25mm.

Caparo Insulation will only be too happy to quote for full machining of your Insulation requirements. Please contact us with your request.