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Insulating Textiles

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Caparo Insulation offers a full range of high temperature insulation with high performance textiles which are available in varying weights and constructions. These can be coated, treated or finished to suit customer requirements. Insulating textiles are classified based on their material and their capacity to withstand temperature. The base materials are generally Glass cloth (550° deg C) or Ceramic cloth (1260° Deg C) for which our packings, yarns ,  ropes and tapes are made from.

Our range includes thermal insulations, industrial sealing, fire protection, heat protection, welding and personal protection, weather protection equipment and machinery protection. Our fabrics are available for almost any application. 
Insulating textiles have the following properties:
  • High Resistance.
  • Good thermal conductivity.
  • High dielectric strength.
  • Low dielectric hysteresis.
  • Good ability to withstand vibration, abrasion and bending.
Tadpole Tapes – Available in a range of materials including glass, ceramic and aramid. Yarn, rope lagging, plaited padding and stainless steel mesh bulbs can be chosen to suit customer requirements. Main applications include seals for oven, boiler and furnace doors.
Welding Blankets – Available in a variety of weight and thickness, welding blankets are made from a unique thermal protection fabric. Main applications are in the welding and metal fabrication industries and include pipe and welding wrapping, aprons, flame blankets, protection of equipment and personal protection.
Proofed Goods – Available in proofed glass and proofed aramid, these goods can withstand a maximum temperature of 230°C. Used for the manufacture of gaskets, joints, strips, discs, tadpole tapes and many more. With a standard thickness of 1.5mm, Caparo Insulation can supply proofed goods in roll or sheet form.
Tapes – Available in glass and ceramic fibre. Applications include thermal insulation, flange joints, hose and cable wrapping for protection and door seals.
Braided Packings – Available in glass and ceramic fibre. Applications include  sealing joints of oven, boiler and furnace doors. May also be used for a firm bulb in a tadpole section. 
Cords – Available in glass and ceramic fibre. Applications include soft gasketting, caulking, pipe wrapping and core for plaited packing and duct flanges.
Cabled Ropes – Available in ceramic fibre with either glass or Inconel reinforcement. Varying density grades are available depending on the specific application. Typical applications include furnace, boiler and coke oven door seals. Cabled ropes are also suitable for cores, braided packings and tadpole sections.
Cable and Pipe ProtectionAvailable in glass, aramid or ceramic materials. Can be plaited or cloth construction. Used for reducing temperatures of exposed surfaces and for slipping over hose, cables and pipes.
Fire Blankets and Curtains – Available in various weights and thicknesses, both suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. Curtains can be made to customer specification with either eyelets or pockets for hanging.
Acoustic Mattresses – Manufactured to suit customer specifications and drawings, acoustic mattresses are available in a range of materials and fillings. Generally used for industrial thermal and acoustic insulation on engines, loud machinery and exhaust silencers.
Insulation Jackets – Available in a variety of materials and fillings. Jacket fastenings can be hooks or Velcro to enable easy removal. Surfaces can be wipe clean if required. These are used on machines and pipework to reduce the temperature of exposed surfaces in order to protect personnel.