Promasil 1000

Promasil 1000

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PROMASIL 1000 is a lightweight calcium silicate insulating board which is asbestos-free. In combination with lightweight refractory bricks or refractory concrete, they are the ideal construction material as rear lining. The low thermal shock resistance of calcium silicate excludes its use on the front side. In modern production plants, the patented manufacturing process guarantees constant PROMASIL quality above the requirements of ASTM and DIN standards. PROMASIL 1000 is an efficient insulation material for back up lining and is widely used as secondary insulation.

Typical applications where PROMASIL 1000 is used are: 

  • Billet Reheaters 
  • Chimneys 
  • Coke Ovens
  • Cyclones
  • Driers 
  • Ducts 
  • Fireplaces
  • Fuel cells
  • Grate coolers
  • Grills/Food warmers
  • Holding furnaces 
  • Kiln Cars
  • Melting furnaces
  • Pipework 
  • Reduction cells
  • Reformers 
  • Roller kilns 
  • Rotary kilns 
  • Shaft kilns
  • Stoves 
  • Top hat kilns
  • Toughening & Laminating 
  • Tunnel Kilns 
Sheet sizes generally are 1000 x 500mm but can vary and thickness range from 25mm to 100mm.
Material data sheet available on request detailing full material properties. 
Caparo Insulation can cut and machine to your design or your desired cut panel. Please contact us with your request.