Our Facilities

Our Facilities

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Caparo Insulation enjoy a fully equipped machine shop in order to realise and create the bespoke product for client fulfillment to their design. These machines are a mix of both CNC machines and conventional workshop equipment, together with a chemical impregnation plant for the surface treatment of high temperature materials against environmental conditions.

Facilities include :

  • 5 axis machining center Router
  • 5 axis CNC Miller
  • CNC Millers
  • Horizontal Miller
  • CNC Sanding Machine 
  • Sliding Table Panel Saws
  • CNC Beam Saw
  • Heavy Duty Beam Saw
  • Radial Driller
  • Capstan Turning center
  • Lathes
  • Gasket cutting presses
  • Impregnation plant
  • Large drying and curing ovens
  • Clean Assembly area