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MONOLUX high temperature Insulation boards are low thermal conductivity rigid insulation materials. Both grades of MONOLUX are free of asbestos or any other inorganic fibres and are easily machined to close tolerances. With low shrinkage and high strength, the materials provide effective and stable insulation solutions for industrial insulation problems. They are medium dense calcium silicate boards up to 500⁰C/800°C with densities of between 770 and 950 kg/m3. MONOLUX is extremely strong and easy to process.

Typical applications include:

  • Pipe support insulation
  • Engineering fire protection
  • Ovens
  • Dryers
  • Boiler baffles
  • Gas Flue baffles
  • Secondary heat protection
  • Load-bearing shaped parts
  • Platen insulation on low impact presses
  • Sealing material


Sheet sizes are 2440 x 1200mm and thickness range from 12.7mm to 50.8mm.

Material data sheet available on request detailing full material properties.


Caparo Insulation can cut and machine to your design or your desired cut panel. Please contact us with your request.