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Firefly Millboard

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Caparo Insulation are proud to be a high temperature insulation distributor for FIREFLY MILLBOARDS, a top quality non asbestos and non ceramic fibre millboard sheet for high temperature insulation applications in all heat using industries. FIREFLY MILLBOARDS are inorganic mineral fibre boards typically available in 1m x 1m square sheet format in thicknesses from 1.5mm to 12mm.

FIREFLY MILLBOARDS have high temperature capability, in excess of 1,000°C, and low thermal conductivity, less than 0.1 W / mK, making them a first choice for thermal insulation applications. At a density of typically 1000 kg/m3 they are rigid, relatively strong and can be used in sheet form or cut to produce gaskets and seals.
Typical applications include:
  • Secondary insulation.
  • Consumable process gasketing.
  • Heat shields in molten metal casting 
  • General gasketing in domestic appliances. 
  • Sacrificial linings in primary aluminium melting pots.
  • Heat shields.
  • Gaskets and Seals.
Sheet sizes are 1000 x 1000mm with a thickness range from 1.5mm to 12mm.
Material data sheet available on request detailing full material properties.
Caparo Insulation can cut and machine to your design or your desired cut panel and will only be too happy to quote for full machining of your Insulation requirements. Please contact us with your request.