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MER 35

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Caparo Insulation are proud to promote MER 35 material as a high temperature insulation board for the use of Electrical arc breakers, after many years of proven success in both the rolling stock application and the rigourous use of switchgear arc chutes for arc breakers in underground travel systems and substations. MER 35 is a non woven glass and epoxy resin mix material thats designed for low smoke, flame retardant electrical laminate, with high insulation strength and arc resistance. A modified phenolic resin provides inherent self-extinguishing properties to the material without the use of halogen based flame retardant additives. This gives very low smoke and toxic fume emissions and low heat release. MER 35 is ideal for safety aspects where smoke can fill a low ventilated area which could be populated, such as an underground sub station.

MER 35 is a very unique product which was initially developed for use on the United Kingdom underground train networks following concerns over smoke release. MER 35 offers a very high comparitive tracking index and excellent protection against electrical arcing situations in switchgear.

Some advantages are:

  • Outstanding fire performance.
  • Excellent Insulation.
  • Halogen free low smoke emissions.
  • Excellent machinability.
  • Compliant to London Underground specification RSE/STD/014 Part 1: Issue A, Fire and Arc Protection standard.
  • UL94 V-0 FR requirements
  • BS6853 testing offered excellent results.
Sheet sizes are 2440 x 1200mm and thickness range from 3mm to 40mm.
Material data sheet available on request detailing full material properties.
Caparo Insulation can cut and machine to your design or your desired cut panel. Please contact us with your request.