High Temperature Insulation

High Temperature Insulation

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Here at Caparo Insulation, we specialise in High Temperature Insulation or High Performance Industrial Insulation. Many years ago, old Asbestos Sindanyo was a one fix for all solutions but now, dependent on application, there are several different materials for the many various industrial applications in the workplace. Over the next few pages you will see a variety of materials that will be able to work through different temperature ranges at varying strengths.

Caparo Insulation represent many different high temperature insulation manufacturers and, in many cases, act as a distribution and machining outlet for their materials. We pride ourselves in supplying quality product where we can enjoy manufacturer support and reliablity, and do not import cheaper equivalents from unknown sources. We keep a substantial stockholding of many varied grades, sizes and thicknesses of material required to manufacture products for use in many industrial insulation applications. We pride ourselves in offering short lead-times, breakdown services and compliance to the latest standards required.

We hope the information contained on this website is relevant and that we can offer you, the client, outstanding service and excellent technical support and expertise, whether it is for product advice or unparalleled machining capabilities of our items to your bespoke design.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further technical assistance or enquiry where our sales staff will only be happy to help.