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Glass industries developed various insulation for glass manufacture to replace asbestos materials. Caparo Insulation are proud to be suppliers of high temperature insulation which can be used in various forms in a wide range of applications such as rollers, mould grippers, finger grippers, dead plates, heat shields and flue gas gaskets.

High temperature strength and long life properties mean that our millboard rolls are suitable for use in the float, flat and vertical drawn glass procedures.

  • Float Glass Procedure – Introduced to enable large sheets of high quality glass to be made more economically, a continuous ribbon of molten glass comes out of the furnace to float on the surface of molten tin. It is then held at a constant temperature for a period of time to ensure removal of irregularities, making the glass flat and parallel. It is then cooled until hardened. Then the glass is annealed and transported over more than 200 rolls. Once at room temperature, the glass is cut to size. Firefly millboard is used to produce the rolls as the surface is gentle on glass meaning scuffs and scratches can be avoided. The rolls are self-cleaning, allowing them to remain in use for many years.
  • Flat Glass Procedure – Millboard covered rolls carry the glass from the furnace through the lehr, as with the float glass process.
  • Vertical Glass Procedure – Millboard covered rolls are used to carry glass up the tower until it is cool enough to be cut and packed. For this process, millboard rolls can be machined to include scallops that can help to remove any broken glass.
In comparison to steel, millboard has superior thermal properties and compressibility. 
Caparo Insulation offers a varied range of materials suitable for handling hot glass in most forms to prevent thermal shock. 
Applications include fingers, pusher or dead plates for conveyor systems and electrical insulation composites for anode insulation on glass making furnaces or treatment ovens.
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