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Glass Laminate

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Caparo Insulation offers a wide range of industrial laminates in EPOXY and SILICONE GLASS materials. Our laminates are available in standard sheet form, rods, tubes or angles, or can be fully machined into complex shapes to close tolerances. All laminates are manufactured using high pressure laminating techniques in order to ensure consistently high performance and quality. Both EPOXY GLASS and SILICONE GLASS are used when other conventional laminates are constrained by lower temperature. Added durability and toughness and strength are also a major factor in selecting this materials over lower temperature laminates.

EPOXY GLASS and SILICONE GLASS laminates are produced using selected resins and specially treated grades of woven glass cloth.
Attributes of Caparo Insulation’s glass laminates are:
  • High electrical strength
  • High mechanical strength
  • Good dimensional stability
  • Low moisture absorption.
Glass laminate insulation can be cut and machined to give high definition edges using traditional machining techniques.
Sheet sizes are generally 1220 x 1220mm (with other non standard sheets larger) and thickness range from 0.5mm to 100mm. Tubes and Rods can be made to order in this material too. 
Caparo Insulation can cut and machine to your design or your desired cut panel and will only be too happy to quote for full machining of your Insulation requirements. Please contact us with your request.