Company Policies

Company Policies

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The Managing Director and top management are committed to the development of the quality management system and strive to continually improve its effectiveness by:-
  • Communicating to all personnel the importance of meeting customer, statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • Communication within the company through regular management meetings, annual reviews, face to face with personnel and the use of notice boards.
  • Establishing a quality policy.
  • Establishing the quality objectives.
  • Conducting Management Reviews.
  • Ensuring the availability of resources.
  • Provision of human resources, training and material resources are laid out in the budget/business plan.

Specific customer requirements are determined at the Contract Review Stage, with information relating to customers and products gathered from:-
  • Face to face meetings with customers.
  • Sales and management contact by telephone.
  • Customer and Product Web Sites.
  • Comments and actions from customer complaints, market research.
  • This information is discussed at Management Meetings with the aim of enhancing customer satisfaction and bringing more business to the company through trust and quality.
  • Customer feedback is discussed at a Management Review annually.
  • Growth in sales and to maintain and improve on market share.
  • Customer satisfaction – Quality, cost and delivery.
  • Compliance with current legislation in Health, Safety and Environment.