Cogetherm Insulation Board

Cogetherm Insulation Board

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Cogetherm Board is one of the best high temperature insulation materials on the market. Based on mica, it has exceptional heat reflective and insulation properties, and is ideal for many thermo mechanical and electro mechanical applications, such as furnaces, electrical and induction uses.

Cogetherm has:
  • Superior heat resistance up to temperatures of 1,000 degrees (even to open flames);
  • Low thermal conductivity;
  • Outstanding electrical insulation properties;
  • High pressure, oil, grease and other chemicals resistance;
  • No asbestos in it making it safe to use;
  • Natural and environmentally friendly due to its origin.

Cogetherm boards come in two variations based on the Mica minerals used in their production - MUSCOVITE, in which there is a predominance of potassium, and PHLOGOPITE, in which the presence of magnesium can be detected.

is the most common mica mineral with it's name being derived from the city of Moscow. It contains potassium and is light Grey to Silver in appearance. It has mechanical properties which are better than those of Phlogopite.

 contains magnesium and is darker in appearance than Muscovite. It has a metallic forest green look to it. The main advantage of products from this variant has is that they can withstand higher temperatures than Muscovite.

Natural mica is mined throughout the world, and is found usually in rocks dating back to the Paleozoic era. The majority of the accessible deposits are located in India, America, Southern Africa and Russia. Mica has a special characteristic - it can be cleft to obtain very thin flakes of constant thickness.

Photographs courtesy of Cogebi.