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Caparo Insulation have predominantly always been a major machinist and contractor to both the OEM and Repair market to the European furnace manufacturers. We specialise in special project contracts, typical purchases and breakdown services where we can turn items around in a matter of hours.

Caparo Insulation make many variants of furnace coil posts, top plates, side plates, clout plates, tubes, washers, gaskets and items used in textile materials that can be applied for construction or repair of furnaces. 

Strength and flexibility are key for materials used in furnace applications. Caparo Insulation has a variety of boards suitable for most secondary or outer cladding requirements on electric induction furnaces. Materials are machined to produce components for a selection of applications. Available materials include non-asbestos cement style boards plus composites of silicone/mica and ceramic fibres, calcium silicate and several electrical quality high temperature materials, as well as glass and ceramic tapes and ropes.

Induction furnaces are used in most modern foundries and forges. They consist of a container of refractory metal surrounded by a tube of water-cooled copper rings and are used to heat metal to its melting point. Metals melted include steel and iron, aluminium, copper and precious metals. The high-frequency magnetic field can then be used to stir the hot metal to ensure the melt is thoroughly mixed. Depending on their frequency, Induction furnaces often emit a high-pitched hum while they are running. Sizes range from a kilogram of capacity to one hundred tonnes. This process is clean and non-contact so can be used in a vacuum or inert atmosphere. Vacuum furnaces use induction heating to produce speciality steels and other alloys that would oxidize if heated in the presence of air.

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